Creationist folly on human diversity


As humans, were we created just as we are? To the creationist, without question, this is biblical truth. To the curious mind, we start looking for answers within the diversity of different species starting with humans. Using the Tower of Babel to explain human diversity is like hoping to get Father Christmas to resolve global hunger. Continue reading “Creationist folly on human diversity”

God of the Gaps – African Religious Delusion

I must admit, as an African, we have been left behind in seeking and searching the real truth about common aspects of our lives, origins and our existence. Worst of all, we have been conditioned to think that it is a virtue to be satisfied with a lack of understanding. Something that we give a righteous name… Faith! Even more preposterous is the fact that intellectual curiosity is frowned upon and stigmatized in the society. It’s a vice, depravity of the highest order. Continue reading “God of the Gaps – African Religious Delusion”